ILLUMINATI want´s J K Rowling to STFU!


J.K. Rowling says she wrote the Harry Potter books. However, there are more critical stories essentially calling into question her authorship of the huge franchise. At a creative writing seminar in France she was found to have had a very poor familiarity with the characters and stories of her own books when questioned by sincere fans at the workshop. She then demonstrated a distinctly poor knowledge of any of the fundamentals of creative writing. Was she an impostor? Amazingly enough, the intrigue extends into the underworld (or should I say overworld) of the intelligence community.



HM Queen Elizabeth II talks with author J.K. Rowling during a reception to honour Britain’s Women Achievers at Buckingham Palace March 11, 2004 in London.

and who is Emily Gyde? I will come to that later on…– “Black Rabbit” – “Penguin colour coded“, HARRY POTTER—mind control books

and what has STELLA RIMINGTON in common with EMILY GYDE: autentic author of the HARRY POTTER Books

…more about Stella Rimington—MI5/MI6….

Powergen torture and mind control


Excerpts from the text:


“There is a collection of 19 web blogs allegedly written by former MI5 & MI6 intelligence officers, featuring a variety of interrelated stories with commentary, chiefly oriented around the use of trauma based mind control in the training of these intelligence officers.  These intel officers reveal how the world is really ruled.  Underlying the text at each web page is a hypertext link for “comments”.  Don’t overlook these as they are very informative.  One web blog page has almost 1,000 comments which can only be found by linking through the faint blue hypertext link.  Most of the comments are from other alleged Intel people.  Fact or fiction, they make for interesting reading.   It is like eavesdropping on a heated discussion to which you weren’t invited.

This community of bloggers is of the opinion that the true author of the Harry Potter works is one Emily Gyde living in England.   After being given a rather rough and loose set of parameters, she was commissioned to write the series of Potter books.   She completed the first seven books.   About this time she began pressing on compensation issues and she refused to write any more.

If Emily Gyde is a mind controlled slave, then does she own her own writing?  Or does it belong to her masters?  Or to the state?  Is she entitled to reasonable compensation?

The Harry Potter series was the product of a highly successful intelligence operation designed to advance and mainstream the occult in both America and the world.  The occult plays a heavy role in mind control programming.   This is one intelligence operation that paid for itself.   It not only paid for itself, but generated enormous riches.  Where did the money go?” – See more at:



“…also tells us that reading Harry Potter books will also cause the reader to pick up demons.”

and other connections with the FRAUD “J K ROWLEY“…
“The history of the case has been well documented, even the McCann’s strange decision to fly off in a private jet, laid on by tycoon Philip Green, to be blessed by the Pope, and a reward by Jo Rowley , supposedly the author of the extremely hidden in your face Harry Potter stories about a young wizard, a pupil in a school which is in another dimension! (I wonder where Miss Rowley got that idea from then!). What happened to little Maddie we will probably never know, there has been much speculation, but the purpose of this particular piece is to establish links to both Royalty and the worship of the Goddess.”

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Illuminati PEDOPHILE Agenda

"Package: Illuminati (police) do protect children.
Contents: same agenda as act 1, plus “Terrorize the Sheep” Agenda.
To parents: in case your child is kidnapped by a Pedophile Ring, resistence is 
futile, i.e. don’t bother harassing the police because they do nothing about it.
To sheep: asking questions about children as sex slaves is futile. It is as 
normal as children going to school, deal with it."

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