Pedophile ring spanning worldwide

The Alex Jones Channel:
…as with almost everything…as deeper you dig down THE RABBIT HOLE:

“Jimmy Savile – The Paedophile”. He never liked children. He just “tolerated” them.
He once said: “It would be better they were eaten by birth”.

Johnny Rotten speaks out:

“No Child Of Mine” 1997 Full Movie:

“This song ” Living Doll ” is getting a different meaning”….so TRUE!
Crossdresser Cliff Richard as KITTY!

Meet the  Psychopaths  and the Sociopaths…

“Differences Between a Psychopath vs Sociopath”


Jimmy Savile and Gary Glitter (Paul Francis Gadd (born 8 May 1944))

“By these people western countries are lead into damnation.”


Comments: “I think we should all wait for the final verdict the truth WILL come out as to who it realy is behind the mask” – Christine Filer.

“Christine like most people is deluding herself; she thinks the police, judiciary, the courts and the government are there to make sure we all get justice.”

“Wake up sheeple. There are no knights riding white chargers in those organisations; at least no one that can battle through the wall of corruption. Many individual journalists, bloggers and activists pressure the Establishment to do something, without them we would see even less justice.”

“Super-injunctions are used by the wealthy to prevent the MSM from publishing KNOWN and PROVEN facts about rich criminals. Crooked lawyers with the connivance of equally corrupt judges have devised these money-making legal instruments to stop the publication of damaging facts about their immoral clients. It doesn’t prevent the police investigating and building a case but without the pressure of an unbridled press, they choose easier targets.”

“The BBC is a breeding ground for paedophilia. Dominated for decades by Jimmy Savile, a weird clown with no talent, children flocked to his shows like Top of the Pops and Jim’ll Fix It, and the pervert took full advantage of his status. As did Rolf Harris whose programs were also attractive to children.”

“Many more famous BBC personalities and personnel have already been convicted, and there are many more yet to surface. What is it about the entertainment business that triggers paedophiles to flock to it? Probably, it is celebrity culture, where ordinary humans are adored by the masses just for being famous. Just read the comments to the articles on The Duck Shoot blog about famous paedophiles to get what I mean. It’s sickening!”

Elm Guest House”

“One place in London that terrifies Richard the most is the Elm Guest House. The Elm Guest House in Rocks Lane, near Barnes Common in South West London was a private paedophile’s club back in the 1970s and 80s. The often videoed orgies of rape of young boys by adult men and Richard was a frequent guest.”


…In Elm Guest House, Cliff Richard went under the name “KITTY”.



“I am a good pedophile”, says a 65 year old man. And a girl, named Manisha Krishnan, in the video above says “We should be more emphatetic to pedohiles”….what´s wrong with some people?? Just sayíng.

…the latest outrageous attempt by Hollywood liberals to sexualize children.

FAKE-SNUFF MOVIES but there are real SNUFF MOVIES where they are MURDERING
young boys and girls and women…..pedophile snuff movies……

“Sickest Most Disturbing Films Ever Made…”



“…what we know so far…”

Map = Semen, Sauce = Orgy, Walnut = Person of colour, Pizza = Female sex slave, Cheese = Female sex slave, Hot dog = Male sex slave, Chicken = Male sex slave, Donut = Male sex slave, Ice cream = Male sex slave, Pasta = Pale sex slave

Spirit Cooking With The Clintons

Marina Abramovic, The Artist, and The Clintons…