The road we travel on

The members of RUSH: Worshippers of something EVIL or are they just as innocent and harmless as their FANS want´s to believe ?


Let me first of all share one of the most informative RUSH-sites there is(are).

    Well! Be prepared for a bumpy ride…

Who is who and what is what?
Most of the gullible FANS will say that the members of RUSH ain´t worshippers of SATAN but there are many religious/christians and satanists people out there who think they are: WORSHIPPERS of SATAN!
As is often said: Don´t shoot the messenger… AKA me.

I have listened to this TRIO since the late 1975 and I have never doubt their good intentions with their lyrics and their music; until recently.
It started with an essay about Neil Peart, “the Professor on the drumkit”, saying he is a FREEMASON. True or not true?

What about Mr. Peart’s hatred of his fans or his hatred of performing his “job” with the “guys at work”? True or False?
“The Masonic ritual defines Freemasonry as “a peculiar system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols””

Anyway: I have problems with atheists; especially those dogmatic. Nowadays Neil Peart  describes himself as a “bleeding-heart libertarian”; “coat after the wind”-politically.


Why I compare SHAKESPEARE with RUSH is that they had/have GHOSTWRITERS in one way or another. Which told them how to write and even what to write. Influence through control by music and literature. …it is as simple as that.

“Francis Bacon and Shakespeare comparisons…”


Remember one thing. The members of RUSH are capitalists and musicians. Not the other way around. For example! Ask Geddy how he became “The Wine Baron“….(!).
enlighten me from a naive view.


What on earth has this got to do with the members of RUSH, maybe you are thinking?
Most everything, I will say.
NWO=Novus Ordo Seclorum AKA NEW WORLD ORDER.
The ELITE who want´s to run the World.
“The creation of the New World Order (NWO) agenda was put in motion by the infamous character, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the one who decided to control the entire planet by any means necessary. Of course, this meant: deception, control, financial enslavement, blackmail and murder… but also far graver things, like: wars, famine and depopulation… a genocide unlike any other before it.”  READ MORE HERE:

Everything is planned in a certain way. Every war from Napoleon’s planned invasion of the United Kingdom to the First, second and now: WORLD WAR III. …(and now we don´t even talk about “The New World Man”. 😉  ).
You must understand ONE important thing. The ELITE/SIONISTS/MASONS/ILLUMINATIS/
NASA=MILITARY/GOV/BILDERBERG or what you want to call “THEM”. They control and infiltrate….:
MUSIC, MOVIES and MEDIA. The BIGGEST CORPORATIONS(CORPS.=”DEAD BODIES” they give “birth and life” and more valuable than living beeings) in the WORLD are CONTROLLED. The BIGGEST ROCKSTARS/BANDS/MUSICGROUPS in the WORLD are CONTROLLED. The BIGGEST MOVIEMAKERS/DIRECTORS/Film production companies in the WORLD are CONTROLLED by “THEM” with the MOST POWER. Do not forget that. Not to mention THE BIGGEST MEDIA/PUPPET-JOURNALIST´s….

So when I say that THEY OWN US ALL, especially BIG GROUPS like RUSH, for instance…I
am not saying this to be mean, I am just telling you the TRUTH.


Connections between NASA and RUSH:




…it makes me wonder….

Sorry, folks, but “The BS-meter follows NASA everywhere”…



“I don’t have a problem with Neal Peart wanting to do charity work for the unwashed masses worldwide, just let him use his own millions! And if Neil isn’t a Christian (he isn’t), then shut the hell up about Christians and what we should do and think!

Something happens to rock stars once they get rich that reduces their brains to mush. I believe they make tens of millions of dollars and forget what it’s like to work and struggle like tens of millions of Americans currently do. Perhaps they feel guilty about having more money than they could ever spend and want to help the “struggling masses….whoever they are” (h/t Oingo Boingo). But they never want to help the poor with their own money! Neal can spend every last cent he has on helping the poor. I don’t care. He has no right to spend what few cents I have left over at the end of the month to solve poverty worldwide! I’m all tapped out paying welfare and food stamps for America’s domestic and illegal alien moochers!

Ayn Rand would bodyslam Neil Peart! I gave up on Rush after Hemispheres…not because they abandoned Rand’s Objectivism but because the music started sucking! Gone was the multi-time signatures of Farewell To Kings and Hemispheres. Their latest work is boring 4/4 crap. The music of Rush became tedious. I saw Rush on the Snakes and Arrows tour and found myself cleaning my fingernails most of the concert!

Neil Peart, you had me. You lost me! I suggest you read The Fountainhead and Atlas again. Throw in 1984 for good measure. I only hope your liberal beliefs haven’t infected Alex and Geddy!

Even if Neil has flown the coup, the early years of Rush was goodern’ hell.”


If he is? How about the other two members of Rush?
Aleksandar Živojinovićh AKA Alex Lifeson and Gary Lee Weinrib  AKA Geddy Lee.
There are too many question marks surrounded the mysticism of RUSH.
Will we ever find out?…who is who and what is what?

To begin with…all different sites on the world wide web declaring either way.

My first album with RUSH:
From this album, Mr Peart entered…the stage.


“The “owl” is notorious in Satanism, representative of the pagan god Lilith, and is worshipped at the occult Bohemian Grove ceremony held every year, just north of San Francisco, California.  Lilith appears as a succubus in Aleister Crowley’s De Arte Magica.  Lilith was also one of the middle names of Crowley’s first child, Ma Ahathoor Hecate Sappho Jezebel Lilith Crowley (b. 1904, d.1906).  She is sometimes identified with Babylon in Thelemic writings.”

“….left-vs-right had to do with composition, not Character associations (“bad guys exit left”).”
“Stage fights, for example, will frequently be stage upstage left, because it’s the corner of the least choice, as in crossing back down stage right would seem like a retreat, as opposed to moving stage left which would be where you’d go to run away from the fight.”


For example: The album from 1976 with the title "2112".
 What is the meaning with the title and all the symbols they use so frequently?

Rush = 2112 = 21+12=33 = masons - David Icke's Official Forums.

[II. Temples of Syrinx] (Extract from 2112)
We’ve taken care of everything
The words you read, the songs you sing
The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes
It’s one for all and all for one
We work together, common sons
Never need to wonder how or why

We are the Priests(ILLUMINATI/FREEMASONS/The ELITE) of the Temples of Syrinx
Our great computers fill the hallowed halls (High Technology/MK ULTRA)
We are the Priests, of the Temples of Syrinx
All the gifts of life are held within our walls

Look around at this world we’ve made
Equality our stock in trade
Come and join the Brotherhood of Man
Oh, what a nice, contented world
Let the *)banners be unfurled
Hold the **)Red Star proudly high in hand
*) “Their star is found on many flags today as the Freemasons have founded many countries.”
**) “The pentagram in a circle is used in rituals of Satanism as a doorway to the “other side””.

We are the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx
Our great computers fill the hallowed halls
We are the Priests, of the Temples of Syrinx
All the gifts of life are held within our walls

“The band members have been given the Knighthood of te Order of Canada for their work of leading the masses towards world government, as many other musicians and entertainers have been (Knighted).” Come join their Brotherhood and receive all the gifts of life. No thanks Mr. Peart.” Signature:–Robert B Truther

(“One book, Samuel R. Delany’s Fall of the Towers, would provide an influence on Peart’s early lyric writing.”)

Subject: 2112 is the Devil's work!
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 93 20:06:00 -0700
From: Bob Joslin <>

Hereto proof that 2112 is the work of the Devil!

First, take 2112.  Now add up all the numbers in 2112.  What do
you get?  6!

Now take 666 as subtract it from 2112 three times (because there
are three members of the band Rush.)  What do you get?  114!  Well,
now add up all the numbers in 114 and what do you get?  Another 6!

Now take 3 and square it (why? because squaring is an evil scientific
kinda' thing to do.)  What do you get?  9!  Take that 9 and multiply
it by 10 (why? because ten is a nice number.)  What do you get? 90!
So, now subtract that 90 from 114.  What do you get?  24!  And add
up the numbers in 24.  What do you get?  The last 6!

Now if that isn't enough proof for you...  Read this...

Look at the naked man (as if nudness isn't evil enough!) who's looking
at the evil pentogramic star symbol.  Look at the shadows cast by his
back.  You see the face of the Devil himself!  Just look closely.  The
Devil's right horn is cast by the shadows on the man's left arm.  The
right eye is formmed by the shadows on the man's left shoulder blade.
The left nostril and nose are formed by the right shoulder blade.  His
mouth is formmed by the shadows in the small of the back.  And his
chin is formed by the shadows of the right butt!

There it is!

Adam Curtis documentary – All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace



Neil Pearts connection to AYN RAND:  “Ayn Rand was a Russian-American novelist, philosopher, playwright, and screenwriter.”

Matt Welch: “In the Seventies, Peart rankled the rock press with an affinity for libertarian hero Ayn Rand — he cited her “genius” in liner notes, and critics promptly labeled Rush fascists. Rush’s breakthrough mini-rock opera, 1976’s 2112, is, in part, a riff on Rand’s sci-fi novel Anthem.”

kbghpame  The 33rd degree witch on the 33 cent stamp.


 RUSH analysis involves a rapid turnaround…The small group: “The collective” with Alan Greenspan, Ayn Rand and others…discussed “Atlas Shrugs” and other topics…






The Adventure of Pan and Syrinx

Pan, the God of the Shepherds in greek mythology

“Pan et Syrix” by J. Jordaens (1593-1678) – Royal Museums of Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium

Syrinx was a beautiful, gamesome wood Nymph from Arcadia. She was famous for her strong passion for hunting.

One day, the Greek satyr Pan spotted Syrinx in the backwoods on her way to hunt. Delighted from what he saw, Pan decided to approach her lustfully. Syrinx, however, was a very proud Nymph who didn’t wish to be loved- so she ran away to avoid the satyr.

But Pan took off in pursuit.

Suddenly, the Nymph’s path became cut by the river Ladon. Desperately, Syrinx appealed to the river god to rescue her, until finally her prayers were heard and the river god turned Syrinx into a reed.

Soon enough, Pan managed to reach Syrinx and spread his arms to fondle and embrace her- but all he found inside his arms was a plain tuft of reeds. Pan sighed out desperately… a sigh so deep that it sounded through the reeds, producing a melody!Charmed by this melody, Pan bunched up small pieces of reed and produced a pan pipe, which he named “Syrinx” to honor the Nymph. Everywhere he went, Pan took his beloved Syrinx with him, delighting deities with its harmonious sounds.

“Not only do we see the sociological manifestations of this anti-Christ spirit everywhere in rock today, significantly we find some very direct allusions to Pan himself. Rush’s “2112” album features the song “The Temples of Syrinx” a Greek word that relates to Pan. In 1987 Elton John commissioned an artist to design a family crest. Pan was the centerpiece of the design. The Stones’ album “Tattoo You” features this feminized representation of a demon’s leg. And arguably the most famous rock ‘n’ roll song of all time, Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”, makes a clear reference to not only the music of Pan and his pipes, but his ability to spiritually influence and guide those who fall under his spell. Lyricist and singer, Robert Plant, begins with the thought that “The piper will lead us to reason” and then sings…”

“Your head is humming and it wont go
in case you don’t know
the piper’s calling you to join him”.

From the song FREE WILL:
You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice
If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice
You can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill
I will choose a path that’s clear
I will choose freewill



Neil Peart Has No Clue What He’s Talking About
Rush’s drummer goes after Rand Paul
                           666          666


“Skull and Bones”


““That whole Caress of Steel period is stuck in a strange and funny moment in our history,” Lee told Rolling Stone in 2014. “I really don’t know how that would stand the test of time.”

“In June 1975, the band entered Toronto Sound Studios, intent on expanding their musical ambitions – and side-stepping the obvious critical comparisons. “We’ve been influenced by everyone who’s good,” Lee told St. Catharines Standard that year. “We’re constantly being compared to Led Zeppelin, but that’s only because my voice sounds like Robert Plant‘s – it’s an unfortunate coincidence.””

“Working closely with producer Terry Brown, the trio – bassist-singer Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson, drummer-lyricist Neil Peart – dove headfirst into fantasy storytelling, black-light psychedelia and heavy riffs. The results were admirably eclectic, ranging from the thundering march of “Bastille Day” to ethereal epic “The Necromancer,” which references Tolkien, Satan and themselves, both in the name-checking of “By-Tor & the Snow Dog” and the story involving “three men from Willowdale.””
By Ryan Reed

“Read More: 40 Years Ago: Rush Delve Into Prog With ‘Caress of Steel’ |

The original hand-penned lyrics for both “Anthem” and “Fly by Night” include different or additional lyrics not sung in the original songs. The original lyrics to “Fly by Night” include a prologue which is not found in the recorded version of the song.(Wikipedia).

“For example the song ANTHEM; the first song on side A on the album “FLY BY NIGHT” show a different context compared to the hand-penned original lyrics. A big fan to the group and a long term friend to Neil Peart said he got the original song on a piece of paper.””

 (The original hand-penned lyrics; as rumors claiming ).

Know you’re place in life is bowing at His feet
Serve Beelzebub and then you’re life will be complete
Light a shining candle, call the Dark One’s name
Worship Satan all night long, you won’t be the same

Satan is our lord, Satan is our guide
A master we’ll serve with glowing pride
Death to those who shun His call
Satan then will be
Satan will be lord of all

Live for Satan
There’s no one else more worth living for
Those who follow loving gods will only be tortured more

Well I know they’ve told you Mephistopholes is wrong
Yet it was for Him, not you, I came to write this song

…and here the song “ANTHEM” on the album “FLY BY NIGHT”.

Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson
Lyrics: Neil Peart

Know that your place in life
Is where you want to be
Don’t let them tell you that
You owe it all to me

Keep on looking forward
No use in looking round
Carry your head above the crowd
And they won’t bring you down

Anthem of the heart and mind
A funeral dirge for eyes gone blind
We marvel after those who sought
New wonders in the world they wrought.

Live for yourself, there’s no one else
More worth living for
Begging hands and bleeding hearts
Will only cry for more

Though I know they’ve always
Told you selfishness is wrong
Yet it was for me not you
I came to write this song



About the name RUSH:
Some people say it means:
R.U.S.H. stands for “Repent, Unholy Satanic Heathens!””
RUSH= Rules or Raised Under Satan’s Hands “.

..or..Rationalists United for Secular Humanism.

Example of other bandnames and their satanic, underlying meaning:

KISS – Knights In Satans Service
WASP – We Are Satans People
Saga – Satanists Against God´s Alliance

When I first heard about how they got their bandname was through Bill Banasiewicz official biography of RUSH called “VISIONS”.
Bill Banasiewicz tells the Rush band name origin story, explaining that it was Rutsey’s brother Bill who christened the trio. I can´t see the connection with the bandname and the spirits of evil; but on the other hand, I don´t have the knowledge to decide…


 RUSH vs “Blue Bird” and “Blue Beam”?

chick, a RED FLAG, or is there something more beyond…? Some TRUTH?



No smoke without fire:
Black and white, Masonic…

Movies and Music—all mixed together in a Satanic Soup.



                                                                                                           Father Jim Sicko…I agree!

“[/I assume everyone here is familiar with Neil Peart, he does not seem to me to be the kind of person to murder his wife and child as Solaris suggests. That said however, I know some very decent people who have gotten mixed up in the Masons or the Mob or some other weird cult funded by your tax-dollar funded Intelligence Agencies who were obviously highly brainwashed, threatened or coerced or compromised or just plain scared enough to go along with the agenda, whatever that may be.
Now, Neil Peart has got to be worth a few bucks, he has writing credits on all the songs and the band is still apparently able to fill stadiums with fans. Strange how both of Neils heirs died young isn’t it ? Where else have we seen this lately ? Well, 2 good examples would be with Anna Nichole Smith and also the young lady who was heir to the Johnson and Johnson fortune. Neil is one of the top drummers in the world, is he a Monarch ? Like Tiger Woods ? I forget the name of the famous shrink who said this but he said if can ‘get’ someone early enough, he can ‘program’ them to do virtually anything, like for example, become the world’s greatest drummer !
Well, he’s former military, his father was also, he has family working for a subsidiary of Crane corp, a maker of microwave military hardware among other things. His family appears to be of Jewish origin. He attended Loyola Marymount U, a Jesuit college. His Psych professor at LMU,on his homepage, has a full page tribute to a famous Naturalist named Nutall, strange,

[Pearts new wife’s name is Nuttall, and she is quite a beauty, she’s a photographer, but her portfolio seems a little thin, almost like she was ‘created’, and funny, her book publisher is named ‘Rounder’ Books, thats strange because a Rounder is a term used by the Mafia for their hangers-on.Anyways,they met in L.A. Michaels Mosbachs current residence,introduced by fellow photog Andrew MacNaughton .”

“Mosbach’s LMU professor also publishes papers about why some people hit on other peoples wives, and delves into the subject of ‘cuckolding’, where a woman deceives man into thinking he is the father of her baby.
Here’s a video interview of Mosbach.”
“Here’s some info on Mosbach I found on the web:
When not on the road with Rush or another touring client, Michael is the director and CEO of Praetorian Confidential, a threat assessment management agency, and The Ashkelon Group, an investigative intelligence firm.
Michael resides in Los Angeles, California.
Michael Mosbach, P.I., is an Information Technology Investigator specializing in the recovery and presentation of digital evidence.Michael has combined over seventeen years of computer technology experience with ten years of legal investigations to produce expert results in the field of computer crimes and their effective prosecution and/or civil remedy.He is recognized by the courts as an expert witness in Forensic Recovery of hard drive media and network tracking essentials.””Michael Mosbach has managed national and international accounts for politicians, celebrities, and other elite in the entertainment industry.He currently trains law enforcement agencies and licensed investigators nationally in the areas of his expertise.Michael is licensed in the State of California and Hawaii.”

“Mossad’s friend, er, I mean Mosbachs friend ‘Aaron’ & co.”

“Prior to relocating to Los Angeles, Michael was formerly a Systems Analyst for the University of Cincinnati, and later an Investigator in the State of Hawaii.He holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, and currently sits on the Technology Board of the California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI).”

“And here’s some other related links…”


“To Carrie and me, Andrew and Alex became “our favorite gay couple”.
They also often entertained Carrie in Toronto when I was recording or rehearsing there.”



“In This One of Many Possible Worlds – A Review of Clockwork Angels”
“When the cuckoo bird exits the clock’s opened gate, it’s not alone. It looks like a swarm. Beelzebub is the lord of them that fly. Many agents will be coming through the time portal. I believe there are multiple Silver Gate transit events in view.
About the cuckoo bird that was part of the clock mechanism, I believe there are what may be considered, clockwork angels.” 911 – The Time Truncation Mission and RUSH – Clockwork Angels Tour


"Symbols on the new RUSH album (Clockwork Angels). What do the RUSH symbols mean?"
 "  Around the clock symbols are:
Noon: Copper
One: Brimstone
Two: Purification (sometimes interchangeable with a square cross, 
     which is anearth symbol)
Three: Mercury
Four: Winter
Five: Zinc
Six: Sun
Seven: Aquarius
Eight: Etheric oil, it could also be Quicklime
Nine: Neptune
Ten: Lead
Eleven: Earth
Of course, the creator/designer/author of this album cover would be the source 
for full symbolic disclosure.
The RUSH symbols on this album are a grand examples of using symbols for personal 
(or in this case, group) expression. There is deeper meaning here. 
The superficial level of meaning can be intuited by RUSH's audience, 
but the deepest layer of meaning might be known only to a few (the author, 
of course, and a scant percent of people who are like-minded and could follow 
this line of interpretation)."  -Support Avia and


“We were always taught that we lived  in ‘the best of all possible worlds.’ 
The Watchmaker ruled from Crown City through the Regulators; the alchemist-priest
s gave us coldfire for power and light, and everything was well ordered. 
We accepted our various individual fates as inevitable, for we had also been 
taught, ‘Whatever happens to us must be what we deserve, for it could not happen
to us if we did not deserve it.'”
The WATCHER is here on earth for the sake of research (LUCIFER(Baphomet)). 

                      "Sulfur Symbol used by Satanists."

""Associated with brimstone,  as in the “fire and brimstone” of hell."

b2f1cda51580dab2a8cc9bf27611a6c8                           One "UNIT"---ONE FORCE!
Neil Pearts drumsticks with symbols:


The underneath meaning...

Mark Paterson 1994 and his own opinions about what some of the songs is about:
"Tracks such as 'Time Stand Still', 'Permanent Waves' 
(evoking evil powers to rule nature with...), 'Red Sector A' (about
naughty bottomed thingies involving statues...'A' really stands for 'anal'),
'Subdivisions' ('Subliminals' is the real title), 'YYZ' (The three letter
combination that when said at midnight on first equinox, whilst levitating
four metres off of the ground upside-down drinking Yak's pee, that summons
Satan and all his naughty little henchmen, with pointy teeth), 'Cinderella
Man' (About naughty cross-sexual satanic rituals), '2112' (Satan's magic
naughy number, when said backwards does exactly the same thing as when
said forwards)."

One story among many…

Subject: Neil’s Mowhawk.

 “I’ve been away recently and in the process of catching up on all the latest NMS
issues  Inoticed that there was a debate on whether Neil’s hawk was real.  Let
me say that it was.  How do I know?  Let me explain.  Being a poor college
student, I’m always trying to earn a few bucks.  I work for a catering service
part time during school and in addition to my full time job during the
summer.  It is great for meeting contacts fo ra real job after graduation.
Any how,I had the extreme joyous experience of catering the back stage party
after the show.
It was a small party for the band, the crew and a few family members who were
in attendence.  Let me tell you, Neil’s hair was definately chopped.  I had
lots of time to chat with the band ( they actually invited me to join their
little group to shoot the breeze.  Alex said “The meatballs will look after
the cheese log!”)  I asked Neil about the hair do, and he laughed and said
that it was a joke on Geddy and Alex.  It appears that they caught wind of the
‘cancer rumor’ and would joke that since Neil is the type that keeps to
himself if he were to get cancer, Ged, and Alex would not know about it
until they noticed that the therapy was causing him to loose his hair.  Every
now and then Alex or Ged would peek under his bandana to check.  Neil said he
did it himself in the bathroom of the bus (only place he could find some
privacy with a outlet).  I noticed that on the left side of his cranium was a
small tatoo that said ” SATAN ”  I was quite shocked to see this, so I asked
him about.  It seems that he used to dabble in Satanism more so out of
curiosity (he was quick to point out that he has dabbled in many other
religions and philosophies,  it’s sort of a hobby I guess).  This was during
his early days with the band when he was still living at home with his mother
(couldn’t afford rent money).  She used to always tell him that he must have
Satan on the brain, since he was reading so many books about him.  So he got
it tatooed on his head when the were playing at a county fair in Michigan just
to get his mom all riled up.  It’s really small, about 1/4″ high by 3/4″ long,
but it’s definately there.
As the night progressed, they invited me back to their hotel for a few
beers and some poker.  They were going to stay in town for a few days so they
had rented a huge suite.  As the beer flowed and the cards were dealt, they
got to start asking me questions rather than me asking them.  When I told them
that I was an architecture major Alex said that at one time he had wanted to
be an architect.  He started telling me about different buildings that he
thought were pretty cool.. He asked if I’d ever been to Toronto.  When I told
him that I never was, he invited me up to visit this summer(and he wasn’t even
drunk!!!!)  He gave me his address and phone #  (I told him that I wouldn’t
give it to anyone else, so don’t even ask) and told me to give him a call at
the end of the semester.  He said that they plan to be done recording the next
album by the middle of May.  He even said that he would foot the bill!
Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the end of the semester!!!!!

Finally at about 4:30 A.M. they sent me home in the hotel limo and I overslept
and was late for work, but it was worth it.
…later  on.                                               Sincerely, Tim.

 p.s.  we had a belching contest and Geddy won hands down.  Neil says that he
has an unfair advantage since his big nose acts as a reverberating chamber!

“”You “got hold of”? You mean, you abrogated our rights, circumvented protective copyrights, violated international statutes, and supported piracy by buying a bootleg album, don’t you? Ah- I thought so. Never mind. “”

“-Neil Peart of Rush when a fan told him that he “got a hold of” a Rush bootleg.”

 PART 2:

…to be continued…

From certain Forum a selection about this satanic topics.

Miguel Farah, 14 Apr ´93, mentions Syrinx:
“Satan in Syrinx – Rush true alignment has been discovered”


"Every one knows what R.U.S.H. really stands for, but no one believes it -
not until now, that "Syrinx"'s true meaning has been discovered...

eXtender (of death)

YES!!! S.Y.R.I.N.X is actually an acronym! You probably are now asking your-
selves why not "SYRINE" or "SYRINXD" - the answer is simple: Syrinx sounds
better (those perverted men are musicians, remember that).

As it is truly obvious, the red star in the 2112 album cover *IS* a satanic
symbol, but is in the wrong position. Why? Because of a moron mistake: the
album designer moved the original red star without noticing, and when
everyone caught that error, it was too late (i.e., many copies had already
been reproduced and they wouldn't waste more money).

The main character in the 2112 theme does NOT suicide, he is killed in a
satanic ritual - and his (life)blood is thrown away to replace it with
death blood."


Bob Joslin, 13 Apr ´93, mentions 2112:

“Here to proof that 2112 is the work of the Devil!”

First, take 2112.  Now add up all the numbers in 2112.  What do
you get?  6!

"Now take 666 as subtract it from 2112 three times (because there
are three members of the band Rush.)  What do you get?  114!  Well,
now add up all the numbers in 114 and what do you get?  Another 6!

Now take 3 and square it (why? because squaring is an evil scientific
kinda' thing to do.)  What do you get?  9!  Take that 9 and multiply
it by 10 (why? because ten is a nice number.)  What do you get? 90!
So, now subtract that 90 from 114.  What do you get?  24!  And add
up the numbers in 24.  What do you get?  The last 6!

Now if that isn't enough proof for you...  Read this...

Look at the naked man (as if nudness isn't evil enough!) who's looking
at the evil pentogramic star symbol.  Look at the shadows cast by his
back.  You see the face of the Devil himself!  Just look closely.  The
Devil's right horn is cast by the shadows on the man's left arm.  The
right eye is formmed by the shadows on the man's left shoulder blade.
The left nostril and nose are formed by the right shoulder blade.  His
mouth is formmed by the shadows in the small of the back.  And his
chin is formed by the shadows of the right butt!"

SYMBOLS and what it means:




Rush as a Rock-Mysticism Group


No LSD, no rock:

Furthermore...from the site ""

“You can’t have worthwhile rock without LSD. This is what classic rock has always been about, at the peak. To any classic rock lover in the 70s, real rock is acid rock. Any band who has not been inspired by this, can hardly rise above mediocrity. These attitudes are not necessarily true — but they are practically true. Most bands are too proud to admit it, that their power comes so much from this inspiration, rather from their ego. But Rush has never been so foolish and proud so as to say, “I am sufficient, I have no need of the elixir, I am the self-sufficient origin of creative power.” They continue to give tribute to the sacrament and fountain of inspiration.

This is why Rush deserves acknowledgment as the most inspired rock band. With other outstanding inspired groups such as Led Zeppelin and the Beatles, there are albums heavily inspired by acid, but even then, the lyrics are less consistently directed at such allusions.

Rush is the most respectable band because they have the highest commitment to acid lyrics. But while they have constantly pointed to the altered state, this is ineffective because of the culture of the 80s and 90s — they tell people to “use the key, unlock the door” — but no one these days knows what the key is, so how can they possibly take up Rush in their offer, and decode the rest of the lyrics? But Rush is stuck, because they don’t want to come out and publicize the key, because it would kill the mystery.

This quote reminds me of Peart:

Terry Gilliam has been quoted as saying “Because I dislike being quoted, I lie almost constantly when talking about my work.””

“Individual power in Satanism and Nazism”

“This emphasis on the power and autonomy of the individual is similar to Satanism in some aspects. Satanism emphasizes the unconstrained individual, but in an asymmetrical way, ignoring and denying the rights of others, and thus aligns itself with Nazism, which emphasizes cancelling and transcending one’s moral constraints in order to have total power over others, which requires, ultimately, having power over the will of others.

This gives the fuel for the symbology on Rush albums, of the naked guy apprehending the pentagram after having passed through the circuit board (representing technology and logic), and into the dark space of inner emptiness and powerlessness. This is not simply a right-side up pentagram as opposed to an inverted, satanic pentagram. Rather, more to the point, it’s a double-inverted pentagram. The power of self-will cancels itself out, but only after fully working through the system of egoic will-power to the point at which its power turns against itself, as reflected in many Rush lyrics such as the following:

“he’s got to walk a fine line, and keep his self control(led)”

“every nerve is tensed to face the enemy within”

Power also dissolves into the slavery of Fate in the following song. I’ve added annotations to point out the allusions to mystic/altered-state phenomena. Against the New Agers, and for the Rand followers (the ego promoters), I point out that mystic, mystery, and mysterious should be taken to mean “hidden” or “obscured” — not rationally unintelligible. There is unanimous agreement that “mystic knowledge” is nonrational. Alas, everyone is wrong, because it is actually intelligible. You should listen to me because I am the only one in the world who asserts the rationality of mystic experiencing, while everyone else gleefully throws up their arms – “it can’t be explained!” Naturally, I would hasten to correct the Alice-ian line below, “Truth is false and logic lost”.)”

READ MORE HERE: NEIL PEART: “The Professor on the Drumkit”: Some people, FANS or not!…have different meanings about his drumming.

Zorno comments: “Rutsey had tons more feel than Peart ever displayed. I’m not going to get into the who’s better than who crap, but Rutsey was definately solid. Neil’s a monster technical player that amazes me everytime I hear him, but there is no feel there what so ever. He’s like a robot when he plays. Almost painful to watch, but again, he is a monster and one of the most widely known drummers ever.
PS- Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson would have been famous without Peart, too, so thats a bad example.  ”

Evbarnes comments: “Peart Fan,
I know your still young, and I was obsessed with Neil’s technique when I first started drumming, But you need to broaden your horizon and listen to the drum greats whom Neil idolized and learned from.
Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa were much better drummers than Neil is,
Even though their style of music and era is different , they mastered a 4 piece drumset, they didn’t need 30 drums and cymbals as a crutch for fills.
Visit a vintage music store and buy some of the old music. You’d be surprised that drummers from so long ago are still better than the drummers of today.
take this as advice, not as a putdown.”
“For you the blind who once could see, the bell tolls for thee ”
–Neil Peart

From another point of view; a true story:

The Drummer, the Private Eye, and Me
By Richard S. Foster

A roadtrip with Neil and Mike. A coin have two sides. I believe that history of RUSH might be, and ought to be, taught in a special way; special manner. RUSH are the TEACHERs/HIGH PRIESTs and The FANS are the pupils/disciples. RUSH is a DOGMA and a CORP.(entity).

“We are the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx
Our great computers fill the hallowed halls
We are the Priests, of the Temples of Syrinx
All the gifts of life are held within our walls”
From album 2112.


When they first met Neil on an audition:

"His future band mates describe his arrival that day as somewhat humorous, 
as he arrived in shorts, driving a battered old Ford Pinto with his drums 
stored in trashcans. Peart felt the entire audition was a complete disaster. 
While Lee and Peart hit it off on a personal level (both sharing similar 
tastes in books and music), Lifeson had a less favourable impression of Peart. 
After some discussion, Lee and Lifeson accepted Peart's maniacal British style 
of drumming, reminiscent of The Who's Keith Moon.
 Neil was into Keith Moon, Alex into Jimmy Page and Geddy was Janis Joplin 
playing John Entwistle"


...songs inspired by literary works...


“By Spielberg/Lucas enabling – Mike Mosbach & Neil Peart abduct children for child pornography.”!topic/rec.arts.movies.current-films/KKjQPsOYdmQ

Category Archives: Jimmy Saville

Proof That Steven Spielberg is a Child Molester

“They will be strongly represented by the Democratic party as the next “IN” thing. Coming out as a Pedo will cause much celebration and praise.”

“As each pedo crawls out of his closet, Barry O’Bama will call him to congratulate him on hs brave announcement. Then he’ll see if a White hut job might be just the thing for hom.”
“The liberal elites have one solution to this problem -— LEGALIZE IT !!”

“I’ve said for a long time the next domino to fall will be the stance against pedophilia. Already, psychologists are writing op-eds about how pedophilia is “simply another form of sexual orientation,” and shouldn’t be banned or even criticized.”

As in Sweden: They want to legalize child marriage. There´s NO excuse for child brides
in Europe. Shame on them.

More on this loathsome/disgusting behaviour
in another blogtopic about Hollywood…so…there´s more to come…



He call himselfLIBERATOR on the net.(Lunatic? ; make your own assessment):
“RUSH has been using HAARP in Colorado regularily. They created a
tornado to clear away an area in Windsor, Colorado for their
corporation they want to build there, Hexcel Corporation – a wind
power corporation. And in “Wind-sor” (wind that soars), the sick humor
is enough evidence for some people.”

“It’s only fitting that Rush‘s first LP of the ’80s marked a distinctive new chapter for the prog-rock giants. While the band pushed their progressive fervor into the cosmos with the long-form majesty of 1978’s Hemispheres, they scaled back considerably for the more immediate and accessible follow-up, Permanent Waves, which was released on Jan. 1, 1980.”
…to draw parallels to


Read More: How Rush Scaled Back and Hit Big With ‘Permanent Waves’ |;

Dig deep down the RABBIT HOLE:
There is a standard set of hand signals, gestures, and codes that allow a handler to ….
Historical analysis: Moses confronted the satanic magic of Pharoah’s magicians who could create live …… It often results in a type of subconscious adrenalin-RUSH(acid) addiction.

MK ULTRA: MIND CONTROL…it´s all about electromagnetic fields, frequencies and signals.
Transmission methods for neuro-effective signals: This includes pulsed microwave (i.e., like radar signals)

signals and MOVING PICTURES in you HEAD(MIND):
It is brainwashing in high level, technology testing programs.
(Military: Use of Silent Sound – Mind Control Weapons).

I guess, maybe the members of RUSH are victims themselves…or at least
one of them.



Grandiose delusions:
Much of what I took for granted about day-to-day existence is largely a figment of my own imagination. So was my imagination about RUSH.
From my senses to my memory, my opinion and beliefs, how I see myself and others and even my sense of FREE WILL(Ayn Rand), things are not as they seem.
I came to that conclusion…a hard awakening…a rock-bottom-feeling.

FREE WILL  (Ayn Rand: Galt’s Speech,For the New Intellectual ):
“That which you call your soul or spirit is your consciousness, and that which you call “free will” is your mind’s freedom to think or not, the only will you have, your only freedom, the choice that controls all the choices you make and determines your life and your character.”

My life was a mess by the age of thirteen. RUSH, with their intense and lively music, they were at the time; a life savior.
I listened to the album “FLY BY NIGHT” everyday for almost a year.
I even learned playing bass to some Rush songs so…it is hard for me to discredit something  that stood me so near; for so many years.
Maybe I had to grow up…?


“Backmasking Exposed – RUSH – Subdivisions”

Backmasking 1.50 in….

Signature AnubisXII:
“I must submit a correction regarding Anthem (or Methna): Oh, Satan, you’re a- You got a ooeyite? Ew… You are so Satan You are extensuous I wanna see you all in one nanu. My theory: Obviously, he was cut off during the first line when Satan produced an ooeyite. (An ooeyite being some kind of satisfaction to a yearning. Like perhaps a big fat joint. Or a bucket of chicken). “Ew… You are so Satan”. (Satan gets in the car and vents the putrid fragrance of intestinal gas with the windows rolled up and Geddy is grossed out. He uses the word “Satan” as a derogatory remark because no one farts worse than Satan. “You are so Satan”) Not really sure what extensuous means. Maybe it’s another word for Rude Effing Stinky Bitch. “I wanna see you all in one nanu”. Everyone knows that Mork from Ork uses the words “Nanu nanu” as a way of saying “Goodbye”. So seeing Satan “All in one nano” means that he better get the fuck out of the car quicker than he could say goodbye. Anyone is welcome to contest that theory, but I am confident that I am correct in my assumption.”

Signature RODMART writes:

“When I was younger, and started listening to Rush, I always wondered about the pentagram on the discs because I didn’t want anything to do with satanic stuff. So I did a little, too little research on the pentagram and I got my mind at ease as I found out that many considered the pentagram a symbol for knowledge, and that the pentagram was not inverted in Rush’s covers.

But… There were other issues that bugged me and I just liked Rush so much that I decided not to pay attention to it.

But later in my life, and I would please like to ask you to be open minded about this, because it seems the world is now open minded to accept everything but people that believes the Bible is true and that Jesus is the most important thing of the universe. Well, I am one of those who believe the Bible to have been written by God. I have done such a deep study, had read thousands of pages, spent a lot of money in translations of the Bible to English form the ancient Greek, Aramaic and Latin manuscripts, as to think I am entitled to give an informed opinion, and that it is impossible for me, as much as I would love to be able to, to explain the depths of everything to all of you.

I just ask of you to listen to my version of the story, and please don´t believe it! But if it gets to you, please do your own research.

I just want to add that I started to believe in God and the Bible because of my intense interest on the UFO phenomenon. For many years I believed that the angels of the Bible were aliens, but my research thought me that it is all the way around. There is a Spiritual dimension to human life, a good and a bad one, and the footprints of the darker side can be found in the necessity of the negative side to imprint their symbols and messages everywhere, to be seen by those who know what they mean, but also for those ignorant of their obscure and negative significance.

As a Christian, I must say, it broke my heart to discover this same dark side hidden messages in Rush covers and lyrics, it was and it is, an ongoing heart break and disappointing.

But let´s just speak about one of these things that bugged me. It is found on the album “Fly by Night”, in the song “By-Tor and the Snow-dog”:

“The Tobes of Hades
Lit by flickering torchlight
The Netherworld is gathered in the glare
Prince By-Tor takes the cavern
To the north light
The sign of Eth is rising in the air
By-Tor, knight of darkness,
Centurion of evil
Devil’s prince”

Well, it is very clear form this verses that By-Tor is not the devil himself, but his prince and centurion, and that he is in Hades.

Hades is the Greek name for the underworld, known as Sheol in the Old Testament and as Hades in the New. Jesus in Luke 16:19-31, speaks of this place. If you simply read what the Bible says, the Scripture clearly explains that Sheol or Hades is the place where the souls of dead men are, and that it is a physical and spiritual place located in the depths of the earth, beneath a sea abyss. Hades stayed this way until Jesus descended to the depths of the earth for three days after his death and before his resurrection, and ministered to the dead.

I personally believe that Sheol is now a place just for sinners, but before Jesus, he himself describes it as to have two compartments separated by a cliff, one for the sinners and other for the righteous. Now a days the righteous souls are awaiting in heaven. The book of Enoch 1, (the only on worth reading) describes Sheol just as Jesus did but with 4 divisions, one for the righteous and one for the sinners, other ofr the spirits of those who have commited suicide and the fourth one for those that had opnely acted against God.

The important thing to understand is that Sheol is also named the Abyss. And we know from the book of revelation, that the Anticrist comes from the Abyss, the depths of the sea:

Rev 13:1 “And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea”

So we know that the Antichrist will spiritually rise empowered by Hades-Sheol-Sea-Abyss-Hell.

But, is not By-Tor, who rises from Hades to the North, the one defeated by the “Snow-Dog”? Yes, so it would seem that Rush is not in favor of this devilish prince, because he is defeated, By-tor retreats to Hell-Sheol-back to where he once was.

But what bugged me as a teenager listener of Rush, was the second appearance of By-Tor on “Caresses of Steel” in the theme “Necromancer”:

“Enter the Champion
Prince By-Tor appears to battle for freedom from chains of long years
The spell has been broken, the Dark Lands are bright
The Wraith of the necromancer soars away in the night.”

Here, Prince By-Tor, appears to be a fighter for freedom? Is it possible that a prince or centurion of the Devil is a fighter for freedom? Who is then the Necromancer? I don´t know. But what are these chains of long years that By-Tor appears to be released from to fight for freedom and bring light to the dark lands?
Is there in the Bible anyone imprisoned in chains in Hades? The answer is an overwhelming YES! It is not the devil himself, he is free to wonder about, but there are a special class of angels that are chained in a prison, called Tartarus, the deepest segment of Sheol or Hades. Read in the New Testament Jude verse 6 and 7, and 2nd Peter 2:4. In the original Greek, the place of imprisonment is Tartarus, which is in some Bibles translated as Hell.

Well, I could go on and on, because in this very short lyrics there is enough evidence to right a 100 pages about why, at least for anyone that knows the Bible, Rush is satanic. It may not be as evident and ridiculous as some other rock bands, but it is very cleverly hidden from sight. Neil Peart is a very intelligent and knows more than you think.”



Featured post

The large, occult series of Harry Potter

ILLUMINATI want´s J K Rowling to STFU!


J.K. Rowling says she wrote the Harry Potter books. However, there are more critical stories essentially calling into question her authorship of the huge franchise. At a creative writing seminar in France she was found to have had a very poor familiarity with the characters and stories of her own books when questioned by sincere fans at the workshop. She then demonstrated a distinctly poor knowledge of any of the fundamentals of creative writing. Was she an impostor? Amazingly enough, the intrigue extends into the underworld (or should I say overworld) of the intelligence community.



HM Queen Elizabeth II talks with author J.K. Rowling during a reception to honour Britain’s Women Achievers at Buckingham Palace March 11, 2004 in London.

and who is Emily Gyde? I will come to that later on…– “Black Rabbit” – “Penguin colour coded“, HARRY POTTER—mind control books

and what has STELLA RIMINGTON in common with EMILY GYDE: autentic author of the HARRY POTTER Books

…more about Stella Rimington—MI5/MI6….

Powergen torture and mind control


Excerpts from the text:


“There is a collection of 19 web blogs allegedly written by former MI5 & MI6 intelligence officers, featuring a variety of interrelated stories with commentary, chiefly oriented around the use of trauma based mind control in the training of these intelligence officers.  These intel officers reveal how the world is really ruled.  Underlying the text at each web page is a hypertext link for “comments”.  Don’t overlook these as they are very informative.  One web blog page has almost 1,000 comments which can only be found by linking through the faint blue hypertext link.  Most of the comments are from other alleged Intel people.  Fact or fiction, they make for interesting reading.   It is like eavesdropping on a heated discussion to which you weren’t invited.

This community of bloggers is of the opinion that the true author of the Harry Potter works is one Emily Gyde living in England.   After being given a rather rough and loose set of parameters, she was commissioned to write the series of Potter books.   She completed the first seven books.   About this time she began pressing on compensation issues and she refused to write any more.

If Emily Gyde is a mind controlled slave, then does she own her own writing?  Or does it belong to her masters?  Or to the state?  Is she entitled to reasonable compensation?

The Harry Potter series was the product of a highly successful intelligence operation designed to advance and mainstream the occult in both America and the world.  The occult plays a heavy role in mind control programming.   This is one intelligence operation that paid for itself.   It not only paid for itself, but generated enormous riches.  Where did the money go?” – See more at:



“…also tells us that reading Harry Potter books will also cause the reader to pick up demons.”

and other connections with the FRAUD “J K ROWLEY“…
“The history of the case has been well documented, even the McCann’s strange decision to fly off in a private jet, laid on by tycoon Philip Green, to be blessed by the Pope, and a reward by Jo Rowley , supposedly the author of the extremely hidden in your face Harry Potter stories about a young wizard, a pupil in a school which is in another dimension! (I wonder where Miss Rowley got that idea from then!). What happened to little Maddie we will probably never know, there has been much speculation, but the purpose of this particular piece is to establish links to both Royalty and the worship of the Goddess.”

images (1).jpg

Illuminati PEDOPHILE Agenda

"Package: Illuminati (police) do protect children.
Contents: same agenda as act 1, plus “Terrorize the Sheep” Agenda.
To parents: in case your child is kidnapped by a Pedophile Ring, resistence is 
futile, i.e. don’t bother harassing the police because they do nothing about it.
To sheep: asking questions about children as sex slaves is futile. It is as 
normal as children going to school, deal with it."

...thumbscrews tightened...





Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. 
ate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

–Martin Luther King Jr

black goo article.jpg



Black Goo Files




Walmart’s Role in the New World Order Exposed.”

But this is maybe NOT the TRUTH? If we are only 1 BILLION PEOPLE on PLANE EARTH…then FEMA CAMP is a EVIL HOAX by THE ELITE(ILLUMINATI).

Police State, RFID Chipping, Fema Camps?”


Depopulation Plans In America:

Truth(?) about The New Word Order



From: Real News Studio alternative

Living in the End Times…scary; but true.


Satanism and witchcraft is big threat right now. Hollywood stars and Illuminati’s agents propagate New Age propaganda (satanic), elite’s New World Order slavery satanic Agendas and egotism (selfie culture etc.) to us and our children. Many celebs. have sold their soul and are full of demons (with different alter egos) or they are under mind control programs (by illuminati, CIA, FBI, military satanic people there).



Have you seen those, above, yet…?






"What appears to be the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11) stands precisely when Emmanuel Lubezki wins the award for Best Cinematography for the film "The Revenant" -- at the 88th Oscars. 

A Tower of Babel at the Oscars?! BABYLON ALL OVER AGAIN!!! 

Could this be the elite's way of letting us know that the CAPPING of the New World
 Order is finally CAPPED? That the Tower of Babel is finally COMPLETE? That sudden destruction is looming upon us? Still don't think we're in the End Times?"
The New Tower Of Babel In Washington D.C.

Mystery Babylon – Where the Bible says it is located and the rise of the Anti-Christ.



The opening of a tunnel in Switzerland — very scary.




HIV comes from inside the body; not outside the body.

Why AIDS is a hoax!


” “HIV=AIDS: Fact or Fraud?”. In the clip Dr. Duesberg (professor at Berkeley University, California, and Virologist)”

10 reasons.png


AIDS Can’t be Sexually Transfered!


Dr Willner (a medical doctor of 40 years experience) an outspoken whistleblower of the AIDS hoax.”  “The Horrible scandal and scam.


Planning the GENOCIDE in AFRICA with made-up-HIV(AIDS)


David Crowe Speaks Out

Why they alleged that people died of AIDS in Africa…

Inventors of the “HIV” Tests Explain the Fraud


Publicerades den 30 mars 2016

There Is No “HIV”


CIA-Mr Magic sad news…but seems happy…a SMELL of HOAX!
…but he got a GREAT DEAL of MONEY.


The story of AZT, one of the most toxic, expensive, and controversial drugs in the history of medicine.


photoDeconstructing The Myth Of AIDS

“Gary Null reveals the ultimate big corporate cover-up in finding the cure for AIDS. The drug companies dupe over $20 billion from dying people and as of today, not one cure.”


Death by Medicine a film by Gary Null

HIV/AIDS Hoax Exposed!!! with Independent Researcher Liam Scheff.

Liam Scheff on HIV

Under the Skin of the AIDS




Michael Jackson was KILLED….


Federal Agent “We Murdered Michael Jackson” Shocking Proof!!


Satans Circus…

A History of the Occult in Rock & Roll

Satanic ROCKBANDS…not in particular order:




“Mercury, now wearing a Brian May wig (indicating who his handler is), sits at a table with fake food, a dead/collapsed body, and a ghostly white Marie …”

Made In Heaven Exposed

Queen – Satanic Illuminati Puppets Exposed



Worshippers of the Evil–where it all begins….

“The Star Of David Deception”

“The truth is that King David never used a star, so calling it the ‘Star of David‘ is a nice sounding name to cover what it really represents.”

“Satan hides the true meaning of his symbols behind counterfeit explanations.”

“To summarize, the six-pointed star is the supreme symbol of Satanic tyranny, which has been used by people throughout history to directly or indirectly worship Satan.”

“The idolotrous Babylonians, Egyptians and Assyrians used it.”


“King Solomon’s Worshipful Offering”

“Satan got Solomon to worship him through false gods.”

“Because he “turned from the Lord God” we know he stopped trusting in the Lord (Proverbs 3:5) became evil. So, we know he had a perverse heart (Proverbs 11:20), entered “the path of the wicked” and “walked in the way of evil” (Proverbs 4:14), gave heed to false lips (Proverbs 17:4), and worked deceit (Proverbs 11:18; 12:5, 20). We know he sought only rebellion (Proverbs 17:11),”

Secrets Of Ark of The Covenant


From ancient times to Hollywood-movies…

“In December 2000, Erling Haagensen and Henry Lincoln published their thesis that the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail were both hidden in sites on the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm about the year 1170.

Interest in the Ark of the Covenant has recurred through the centuries. In medieval times the Knights Templar supposedly came into possession of the ark. In contemporary times, interest in the ark was renewed with the 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark, where it is the object of a search just prior to World War II (1939–45) between Nazi forces and an American archaeologist named Indiana Jones. The ark is found and, as in the Bible, its power kills (literally melts) all of those who do not pay it proper respect. In the film, as in the Old Testament, the presence of the ark brings destruction to the wicked and to the vain. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, the relic eventually ends up in an undistinguished crate in an overstocked U.S. government warehouse waiting to be archived.””

Babylonian World Empire

Babylon is fallen: the Vatican’s murderous history and false doctrines

Babylon is fallen: the Vatican invented Islam

Mystery Babylon – Where the Bible says it is located and the rise of the Anti-Christ.

Continue reading “FALSE RELIGIONS”

MK ULTRA-Mind Control-NWO…

…and the ILLUMINATI/



In another subject/section/topic mentioned this too...Legendary Rock Trio Rush.


Victim Cathy O’brien Part 1 and 2:



Cathy O’Brien:  Childhood Sexual Abuse, Operation Paperclip, Mind Control, MKUltra, NLP = Neuro Linguistic Programming


Look at Hillary´s handler…who is this guy? He is NOT a Secret Service Agent. That´s for sure!


MK-Ultra Celebrities






Illuminati & The Music Industry 2013 (PART 1 and 2)

…we can conclude that Rain Man have several meanings…


ILLUMINATI in The Music Industry











Is our world a simulation?

Could we all be living in the Matrix?



“Tech billionaires convinced we live in the Matrix are secretly funding scientists to help break us.”

GENESIS 1 Chapter: 1-2

Special kind of computer-code…



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